So the puppy cam is pretty cute, right? You got a cute itch you need scratched, talk about immediate gratification -- LIVE PUPPIES all the time. But what if puppy cam goes down? Not to worry! The Web is a world wide zoo of LIVE animal cams and Urlesque has toured them all, bringing you now only the most awww-inducing of the bunch (sorry Mr. Rhinoceros). Because if you can't get your puppy fix, at least you can still get your cute fix -- 24 hours a day! You will never be happier or less efficient. We have guinea pigs, doggy daycares and baby whales, along with ...

Even more puppies

  • Watch East German Shepherd puppies do nothing, absolutely nothing until they actually do something! I watched for 15 minutes this morning. Finally, one yawned. So rewarding.

Giant Pandas
  • There are seven pandas at the San Diego Zoo. That's seven reasons to watch their live panda cam. I very rationally like Su Lin the best because her name means "A Little Bit of Something Very Cute". According to her bio, she has grown into a "confident panda". Grow with Su Lin daily.