Heard of Bike Kill, the mutant bike carnival that takes place annually in the heart of Brooklyn? Rad news and gizmo aggregate Terrific Sh*t writes:
In a sport dominated by carbon fiber and spandex, Bike Kill is a big, fat stick in the spokes. Imagine the Tour de France taking place in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, then add plenty of broken glass, beer, blood and vomit.
Don't you want to see pics from an event described as like 'Mad Max' but with a keg of beer and none of the Mel? Don't you want to see the top mutant bikes and mutant riders from Bike Kill 2008??? Warning! Warning! It just went down this past weekend, so these pics and vids are still highly radioactive.

That Care Bear is not as handicapped as he seems. He can bike joust like any brave knight at King Artie's Bike Stable, easily taking Top Mutant honors at Bike Kill with the below vid: