And you thought it was bad enough to get a Charleston Chew or black licorice on your trick-or-treating rounds! Well, this one will surely top your list of grossest Halloween candy: Zit Poppers!

Charmingly called "pimple candy," the product is essentially Gushers re-imagined by the Garbage Pale Kids. Literally "poppable" gum drops filled with edible puss-colored ooze.

Zit Poppers sell for $3.50 a box at and are described by the site as "the most disgusting candy imaginable":

The zits are soft and sticky, and if you squeeze them hard enough, a bloody candy ooze seeps out. Those of you courageous enough to eat Zit Poppers will discover they have a wonderful strawberry and watermelon flavor. (We checked the box, and no actual blood, puss, or sputum is used in making the candy.)

Eat at your own risk.