Insane Baltimore artist collective, The Annex Theater, adapts an insane episode of Space Ghost for the stage with puppets. I repeat -- Space Ghost AS a puppet fighting a life-sized Dr. Nightmare and his army of Nightmare Creatures in heroic rescue of everybody's favorite victims/sidekicks Jan and Chase, with only a squeaking monkey and a heat ray for back-up. The sound effects by experimental electronic band Snacks are out of this world. Also! Watch as ...
  • Dr. Nightmare loses his arm (2:01)
  • Space Ghost zaps the Bungoloid causing an explosion that is orange, knit and probably from somebody's bathroom floor (4:20)
  • Dr. Nightmare gets his arm back (4:57)
  • Space Ghost faces Dr. Nightmare's final, terrifying monster -- a puppet so epic that it takes up the whole stage and requires a puppeteer to roll herself along beneath it ON A SKATEBOARD to control its arms (6:25)

The Annex Theater's 'Space Ghost':

Now compare it with the original episode: