If you, like me, are a child of the nineties, you lived through Disney's "second coming" -- the decade when The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King were the studio's cash cows for the studio. And if you, too, consider these films a crucial element of your childhood, you were surely confronted at some point by the rumors that plagued the films.

Disney, as the urban myth alleged, had apparently planted subliminal dirty messages in each film, leaving us innocent tykes to subconsciously bear witness to the prostelyzation of sex, sex and more sex.

Thanks to YouTube, you don't have to sit at your VCR -- as I did -- to play detective while wearing out the tapes. Now with the help of fans/crazies/conspiracy theorists, everything is laid out for you perfectly online:

  • The most infamous scene is from The Little Mermaid in which the priest marrying Eric and Ursula is, apparently, really excited about the union:

  • Additionally, when the film was released on cassette, there was apparently uproar that something that closely resembled a phallus appeared in the castle, causing the film to be re-released with a new, penis-free cover:
  • When an exasperated Simba in The Lion King falls to the ground, pollen (or magic dust???) lifts into the air, allegedly spelling out the word "sex":

  • In Aladdin, the phrase "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" is allegedly uttered not once, but twice (at 1:45):

Another video claims that the word "prostates" appears in Aladdin, and that a topless woman appears in the background of The Rescuers.

You, of course, can make your own judgment. But what seems to have escaped the conversation entirely is the virtually incontestable argument that Disney is, um, kind of racist.

Have you seen Lady And The Tramp lately?