I've always been really amused with Segways. Though I've never actually been on one, I find that watching people operating them is fascinating to watch because they still look pretty ridiculous. One of my fondest memories of the two-wheeled wonder was watching a security guard in a sprawling southern mall tear it up down the hall off to a "mall security emergency" (doubly humorous).

Segway claims that their devices are easy to operate, and apparently it's true since a video of a chimp riding a Segway is currently blazing through the interweb.

Here are some other folks that have found the Segway easy to use...

  • A dog

  • A gymnast rides it upside down.

  • According to Areacable's YouTube account, Segways are so easy to ride that even beautiful girls can do it.
  • Even Jim Carrey can ride one!
  • But really, this blog post exists only so I can post one of my favorite videos involving a Segway. Unfortunately, a woman in the following video isn't as lucky as the chimp, dog, beautiful girls or Jim Carrey.