It's been reported that Zac Efron has decided it is "time to grow up," and won't be making any more High School Musical films. There is a point when the star basketball player must let go of high school and actually graduate. That point has passed you when you're 20. So Zac is playing catch-up. But don't worry!

Zac Efron isn't giving up everything that makes Zac ZAC. For example, he's holding on to his membership to the tanning salon. Because what would Zac Efron be without his tan?

It's a question that Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning' asks implicitly with every post. Other than normal looking, the blog proves with photographic evidence that if Zac weren't so tantastic he would NOT look like ...

  • Magda from 'Something About Mary'

  • The Oompa Loompas

  • Or an orange prescription bottle

He would pretty much be invisible.