Despite what Just For Men, sponsors of the Mustached American of the Year Award would like to think, mustaches aren't just for men and their contest ignores what trendy mendys everywhere champion as a new and wonderful, truly democratic development for the 'stache -- GIRLS with mustaches.

Truly wonderful, says Trend de le Creme (basically) in their quick overview of the lady 'stache scene, which includes ...
  • fashionable mustache parties
  • mustache fashion week 2008
  • and pop stars who sing sweetly about going werewolf (hi Katy Perry)

Metromix's LA Blog
gets mathematical with this recent headline:

and its photolog of a fashionable mustache party in fashionable Silverlake, LA.

And in case there was any doubt, Hipster Girls In Mustaches proves that if you're a cute white chick hanging out with other cute white chicks, it would be really cute if you took pics of yourselves in fake 'staches.