Come February 17, 2009, television will only broadcast digitally. No more analog, no more bunny ears -- just crystal clear picture, multicasting and interactive capability for everyone!

And if any demographic is waiting patiently to get a clearer view of Pat Sajak's pores, it's the elderly. With digital television, all their favorite game shows will look like rainbows. Pure rainbows and noise.

However, the instructions for how to make the switch from analog to digital might -- believe it or not -- prove difficult for your grandparents. "Audio in/audio out" -- what is this, a dance step or a job for a handyman!? (Answer: the latter, duh.)

Do a good deed: help your grandparents (or anyone who calls the beginning of a URL "wuh wuh wuh") set up their TV. It shouldn't take long, and maybe you'll get some stale crackers and herbal tea out of the deal.