Do you have what it takes to join "the hottest concept in the specialty coffee industry that is sweeping the nation!" ??? Yes? Then you are a Java Girl. A Java Girl is defined as a quasi-nude barista trapped in a kiosk -- in this kiosk:

Java Girls don't make espressos. They make what the media calls sexpressos -- clever! A Java Girl's mission, if you choose to accept it, is this:
tastefully tease with sensuality in barista uniform and exterior and interior design while passionately focusing on providing a consistently exceptional specialty coffee experience.
Do you find the below Java Girl promo video unacceptable??

No? Then you are a Java Girl either in form or spirit or both. Learn more about Java Girl franchise opportunities at their website. Find a dangerously under-dressed barista near you.

Were you ever a barista? I was. I had to wear slacks and black shoes.