I can't get enough of people humanizing their pets. Dressing them in clothes, carrying them around as children, etc. The thing that I really can't get enough of is fake hair on pets, as if they don't have enough already. For example:

  • Kitty Toupees -- Grab a wad of hair from your hairbrush, prop it on top of your cat and voila! The site is also accepting submissions! I'm totally going to add some extra 'fur' to my kitties and snap their photos.

(photos:// Tom and Toebee)

  • KittyWigs -- For cat owners who want to go that extra mile, KittyWigs is here for you with fancy, colored wigs specifically made for cats.

(photos:// Chicken by Jill Johnson: pink and blue)

  • Wiggles Dog Wigs -- And finally, for those dog owners that are totally jealous of all the faux hair on cats, Wiggles Dog Wigs can help your pooch attain a whole new look with their custom designs.

Just like Mommy and Daddy!