We're blogging live from the taping of Martha Stewart's show about blogging. Guests include bloggers from a variety of topics. Keep reading/refreshing for a play-by-play, and check back for photos later.

Updated from the bottom up, so if you want to start at the beginning of the liveblog, scroll to the bottom.

11:26 - Um Martha is tasting a ton of hot dogs... and... the audio of this is amazing. You can't make this sh*t up. Eliot would love to be here right now, I bet.

11:05 - 30 hot dog vendors are here and Martha wll be choosing a few favorites for a hot dog show next week "I'm a hot dog freak. I love hot dogs" OMG MS, me too!

11:00 - And we're done! Taking photos and they took a photo with MS w/ laptop in front of the audience.

10:57 - About to start the final segment. Can't believe it's almost over. HOLY SH*T we're all getting free, wireless HP printers. WOO HOO.

10:56 - We're doing a hot dog tasting after the show. YES. A dream come true. (For me. Stephen is veg.)

10:47 - About to have a gardening segment with Margaret Roach from A Way to Garden. She has famous Frogboys, apparently. Cute froggies.

10:44 - While the show is being taped there is cooking going on in the side kitchen. What are they making over there? Good thing there's a door on the kitchen and we can't smell it. I'm STARVING.

10:40 - MS accidentally called Sarah Palin, Sharon Palin instead. Wuh-oh. She's not being very sly about her political preferences. She practically made us envision glittering starbursts when she said "Barack Obama." Chatting about candidate blogs. She's not down with candidates who don't utilize the latest technology to communicate.

10:39 - Lots of Liveblogs happening

10:36 - PS I just remembered to be amazed that the WiFi is totally working, and is fast, here. We were totes imagining it crashing or crawling with an entire audience full of bloggers logging on. Next up, Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin from Politico to chat about how blogging is shaping the political scene.

10:33 - Next we're gonna craft with Eddie Ross, who Stephen tells me is currently a Top Design contestant. He has a blog at EddieRoss.com, and he is also a Senior Style Editor at Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They're giving flea market find tips. Fun ideas! MS acknowledges the Top Design connection, and a clip.

10:29 - Commercial break. Man, they really have the bass pumping in here. I guess we're about halfway done!

10:22 - Matt from MattBites is on now. A charter member of 'Martha's Circle" 50-60,000 visitors a month. What works on a food blog? "People love sweets." They're about to make some cookies -- Dulce de Leche. MS is cooking!!! OMG! Her mixer is so quiet. Beautiful cookies. Can I have one?

10:20 - Can't recall his biggest traffic day -- arrests, rehab, "naughty pictures" always do well, he says. She asked how much revenue he makes, and he turned the question back on her. "You can read it in my financial statement," MS quipped. "Is it accurate?" he asks. HA. Smackdown! But not really.

Perez's blogging tips for people wanting to blog as a career:
1) Gotta get a gimmick -- find a niche.
2) Be prepared to work hard.
3) Don't be afraid to network.

10:15 - Perez just gave BlogAds a shout out for running his advertising. His sister is his assistant. Typical day for Perez: Very early, sets alarm for 3:57am, checks e-mail, then non-stop blogging for 12 hours+. 9 million visitors per day.

10:14 - A link from Perez also gave her "a very big day"

10:12 - Introducing Perez. He looks surprisingly dapper. Guess he left the neon at home. I guess he'll be on his best behavior in front of The Martha.

10:08 - FYI Stephen is Twittering, if you're interested in following us. We're also going home with the "A Year of Mornings" book. -- A book that started as a blog.

10:07 - Meg Frost from Cute Overload is here -- and she's adorable. They linked to Martha and gave her a record traffic day. Meg is allergic to animals :( which initially gave her the motivation to collect photos. I also didn't know that she works at Apple. Nice. We're all getting a Cute Overload calendar!!!!!!!

10:05 -Martha's Circle bloggers are here, hand selected -- Smitten Kitchen, first.

10:04 - Her 4 mag editors are all getting a Canon G9. What about us?!?

10:03 - Her sister Laura is in the house, along with Martha's executive assistant. They run her blog. Magazine editors are also here, in the front row. Canon G9 is her camera of choice.

10:01 "Hope you're saying nice things about me and my set." We love you MS, it's all gorgeous! "Giving a rundown of what blogging is. The clicking of fingers typing in the audience is deafening.

10:01 - And we're live. MS walked out and took a picture of us, right away.

9:59 - Hereeee sheee comeeees.

9:56 - Culinary Media Network, The Wedding Bee, Cupcakes Take the Cake are all in the audience. "The bloggers are causing craziness in the audience" -- The warm up guy is so fascinated by the blogging that is happening and doesn't know what Twitter is. Crowd is aghast. People are shouting out their blog names and are like "OMG I know you."

9:55 - Someone already said "Google It" We're on in 4 minutes!

9:51 - Bloggers from all over the US in the house.

9:50 - The crowd pumper upper is giving us the rundown of the rules. No photos during the show but it appears that we'll be able to snap photos of Martha Stewart (from here forward referred to as MS) after the show!

9:44 am - We're in and waiting to get started. They are BLARING Usher's 'Yeah' and the floor is shaking. Gettin' us totes pumped up for The Martha.