This. Is. Happening.

Team Urlesque just received confirmation -- so we're thrilled to share that tomorrow we'll be comin' atcha live from Martha Stewart's blogging show. Martha will be serving up 5 tips for bloggers (don't worry, we'll be sure to share!) and chatting with bloggers from Perez Hilton,, Smitten Kitchen, A Way To Garden and Politico. Our all-things-adorable predecessor Cute Overload will be there as well. *Squeal!*

We'll be holding down the fort in the audience comprised totally of fellow laptop-armed bloggers.

In the meantime, visit Martha Stewart's site to get details on the show and to check your local listings for what time the show airs in your area. Any bloggers out there attending the taping? Drop us a note or leave a comment. We can't wait to see and meet our blogging brethren. Check back here (and our Twitter feed) for the latest.

And from the archives (via our pals at Best Week Ever), Martha explains blogging.