Dancing in a bubble -- kind of like cage dancing? Just without the uncomfortably in your face slave-girl connotations. So maybe a PG-13 version of cage dancing in the vein of mermaids, fish lips and pirate fantasies? Definitely Sea World-y ... but you tell me: Bubble girls -- hot? Or do these balloons need to be popped?

  • Denise attends a fancy party in a fancy bubble.

  • Acrobat climbs inside balloon for Italian soccer team.
  • In case you were wondering how they get in there anyway, this vid provides the answer -- help. Watch this bubble girl's captor inflate her balloon for her.

  • Men do it, too. Balloons engulf both sexes, but sexy?

  • This guy -- NOT sexy, but great personality.

  • It's a bird. No, it's a plane. NO, it's a -- what is it?

  • Bubble girl creeps around town.

  • And bubble man creeps me out. Pop it.