The Doherty has landed.

Brenda is back on the newer (sluttier?) '90210', but not everybody is as psyched for her return as I am. Check out this Anti-Brenda Walsh Thread. Check out their she-devil check list:

Which is really just summing up what their hater compilation of the hatingest quotes in the '90210' cannon hammers at you (hatefully!) -- Brenda is a what, guys? ...
She's ungrateful, she's deceitful, she's irrational. What we got here is a manipulative little girl who is spoiled rotten to the core.
- Jim Walsh from 3.02 The Twins, The Trustee, And The Very Big Trip
That means Brenda is being a self-centered little bitch.
- Kelly Taylor from 2.28 Wedding Bell Blues

Even more quotes, even more hater heat at the Anti-Brenda Thread. Girl does look snotty.