Small Things on the Internet

    Tiny Dancer, a contender for the world's smallest dog record and one of our very favorite small dogs online, has sadly passed on to doggy heaven. He was only 2 years old and served as a therapy dog helping others. RIP Tiny Dancer, may you bring some extra jive to the golden streets of heaven. Link via Dlisted

    Aaawwww! Tiny animals on big people fingers. Check out this amazing collection of photos assembled by Flickr user Specklet.


    We can't forget "Little Superstar," our favorite dancing YouTube mini-sensation starring in a video with over 11 million views. Watch the video.


    We don't think a cup o' tea out of this pot would quench your thirst, but boy is it cute! Chinese potter Wu Ruishen created the world's smallest teapot, weighing only 1.4 grams. Link

    What can be cuter than monkeys that fit in the palm of your hand? See more monkeys.

    Floridapfe Flickr

    Steve Klein of Klein Designs holds the world record for the retail of the smallest bottle of wine. Klein Designs offers a variety of wines in teeny hand-blown replicas with .75 mL of liquid courage ranging from $20-90. Add these limited 1 3/8" tall bottles to your extensive wine collection today. Link

    Klein Designs

    Parrotlets are tiny parrots... with huge cuteness! Link

    Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny chameleon... it comes and goes.... you probably wouldn't know-oh-oh-oooh. Link

    Paulina Ponce de Leon Barido

    Now THIS is a waistline-friendly cupcake. Link via BuzzFeed

    Get a load of this tiny booze for dolls! Let your plastic friends throw back a marg, bloody mary or hey, if they have more expensive taste, Johnny Walker is available. Fulfill all your dollhousing needs at

We love looking at small things on the Internet. It's not really a new fad or anything, but anytime there's a new mini version of this or a world's smallest that, it's sure to make the rounds.To make things a little easier on you, dear reader, we compiled some of our very favorites (above). Any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments -- we like to think of this one-stop shop for smallness a work in progress.