Ever been told you look like someone famous? Yeah? Well, hate to break it to you, but you're probably the Don Swayze. The founder of 'It's All About the Don Swazye' explains that...
For every person in the world, there is a Don and there is a Patrick. The Patrick is handsome, confident, assured, while the Don is surly, malformed and squinty. For every famous person, there may be dozens of Don Swayzes, in fact, if people tell you that you look like someone famous, only one chromosome shy, you are probably that famous person's Don Swayze.
Not that Don Swayze hasn't amounted to anything. Once, in an episode of 'Matlock', he played a man with Down Syndrome and likely murderer. Still, as Voodoo Village points out,
Don looks like a Patrick Swayze wax work gone slightly wrong.

In other words, he's no Patrick Swayze.