During my exhaustive research of the perfect SNL parodies to prepare for the Olympics, I was alarmingly sidetracked by the spoofs of everyone's favorite leg cover. Call it destiny, call it lucky, perhaps just call it stonewashtastic.

Regardless, I knew it was my duty to compile the top five SNL sketches about jeans. Heed the relevant warnings, and stay casual yet classic out there, legs of America.

  • "Bad Idea Jeans" may just be the direct ancestors of Bad Idea Pleather Chaps.

  • "The Gap" uses jeans as its backdrop, which unfortunately isn't enough to deflect attention from the horrible cross-dressing.
  • "Mom Jeans" just might be as ineradicable as the Rick Roll.

  • "Jewess Jeans" will be in your head for the rest of the day (the jingle, the gyrating purple, or, torturously, both).

  • "Forever in Blue Jeans" is the best idea that the Gap ever stole (probably).

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