18. Todd Levin: The Writer's Writer

  • Who? Writer and comedian Todd Levin dabbles in a bit of everything -- his most widely read work likely being Radar Magazine's "Radar 100," irrelevant lists detailing hilariously inconsequential minutiae (which, ironically, often end up reading more like text you'd more likely see online than in print). On his own blog, Tremble, Levin keeps a more predictably-styled blog in which he shares his own musings on subjects as widespread as cats, stand-up comedy, and even his own engagement to fiancée Lisa. What sets him apart from the majillions of other personal blogs online is that, well, he's a genius whose rampant self-editing is what makes his writing so much fun to read.
  • Mancrushin': He once made an amazing video that should have gone viral when cats started eating cheezburgers.