14. Rex Sorgatz: Oversharer Synonomous

  • Who? Widely considered one the most reputable names in blogging and Internet culture, Rex Sorgatz uses Fimoculous to steer bloggers (including the Urlesque staff) in the direction of some of the most noteworthy finds online. He's, like, totally connected, too, with loyal followings in social networks across the board. Just one perusal through his Flickr account bodes a social calender littered with red-hot Internet ladies like Julia Allison and Jessica Coen (and, hey, he even plays Rock Band with one of Urlesque's finest, Kelly Reeves).
  • Mancrushin': Sorgatz doesn't lose perspective, it seems, as illustrated in a handsomely-written piece he penned for New York Magazine regarding the phenomenon of "oversharing," made famous by the aforementioned Julia Allison.