Despite the fact that my job requires me to be on top of my game when it comes to YouTube gold, a lot of viral treasure is often suggested by people in my life who understand my love of off-kilter, WTF-style humor. My sister, for example, has stumbled across some gems, the most recent being a video profile for Trenita:

Oh, if only I were "wild and crazy" (and looking to date an proudly unemployed woman four years my mother's junior). To be completely honest, if I'd never been pointed to Trenita, I don't know if I'd have so delightfully wasted hours of my life marveling at one woman whose body and voice seem so unnaturally incongruous to one another.

Dating On Demand, as it turns out, is a national VOD service offered by cable provider Comcast that airs three to five minute-long profiles of those who are single and looking. What's great about the service is that it not only gives love-hungry viewers the opportunity to see and hear their possible mates in a manner not necessarily afforded to them by or, but the videos get leaked online! Score one for me!

If you're looking on love but don't have the time to sift through tons of profiles, no fear - I've done the work for you and broken the singles down by their "type," which should make it easy.

Love awaits...

  • Ronald, The Questionably Blind Pirate

  • Audrey, The Lady With The Hormones Of A 14-Year-Old Boy

  • Mary, The Raging Alcoholic

  • Mark, The Guy Who Probably Got Someone At Comcast Fired

  • Amanda, The Chick Who Wouldn't Necessarily Surprise You If She Revealed A Criminal Record

  • Louis, The "Spontaneous And Extremely Shy" Geek Who -- In All Seriousness -- Is Probably Awesome