You know we're junkies for the web's soundtrack, and a new mixtape from The Hood Internet just hit the tubes that is bound to make your Monday move. They're a pair of DJs who smash up songs (it's always a step above "mash-up," just in the seamlessness of it) usually employing the following formula: Hip-hop or R&B song + Indie Guitar or Electronic Song = Hip-hoppin' at the indie rock show. And then the results are released in a constant, prolific stream by blog, of course.

The group's latest is 'The Hood Internet vs. Chicago', and it lives up to its billing with often-jarring tracks that pit the smashing DJs against artists from throughout the Midway. Current TV ties it up well here:

Don't miss the Kid Sister/Walter Meego installment or either of the tracks where Twista shows up. Seriously, this stuff is pretty day-glo. Who says the internet won't get you street cred, albeit in its own indie/rap smashup kind of way?