I'm more of a cat lady, but dog owners' ability to teach their dogs tricks is pretty fascinating, especially when the dogs are performing useful tricks like getting a beer from the refrigerator and closing the door! How sweet of these pups for helping their owners beat the summer heat. Without further ado, the top 5 cutest beer-fetchin' pooches I could find in 5 minutes.

  • I just wanna give Lilly a big hug. She does give the beer a quick little shake... do we smell revenge?

  • King Marley has the most gusto, hands down.

  • Murdoch may not be the fasting moving dog on the list but kudos for his quick word recognition.

  • It takes Candy a few minutes to "beer" her owner, but she follows through, has great taste, and can actually open and close that huge door. It's gotta be like 15 lbs. Color me impressed.

  • Tango not only knows how to fetch a brew, he has football loyalties.