I'm a sucker for a good rerun of 'Scare Tactics' (Little Demon Man is my fave) or a good episode of 'Ghost Hunters' (they hear voices!) so when those aren't available I usually end up doing what most sane people do -- I google 'bigfoot.'

And that's how I found the frigging ridiculous cryptozoology.com. The mega-geeks who run this site are my heroes. Seriously. Photos of fish the size of my niece (she's five) and shots of Sasquatch so blurry you'd think they were taken using a lens made of bread rock the gallery pages. Not to mention seriously active forums (Hot Now: ALIENS!?!?!?! Fake or Real? and Wolfy Where Are You?)

Other highlights:

  • Sightings: Creepy personal accounts like cougar sightings where cougars shouldn't be and a ''weird bigfoot in Maine'' (like being a bigfoot isn't weird enough?)
  • Cryptofiction: Like fan fiction if you're a fan of ''almost humans'' and ''Bloop!''
  • Glossary: So you can tell the difference between a Chupacabra and a Chickcharnie, you amateur
  • IM Icons: These crypto-icons will take that creepy edge off your IM discussions with Mom

link and photos:// cryptozoology.com