Re-live the glory days when folks thought flash intros were a good idea!

Mere words can't explain how awesome this dude is, and the music is uplifting to my soul. I'm signing up today. (link://

And who has time to watch words flying across the screen? Net Top 20 sure does! (link://

I can haz success? This group spent a lot of time brushing up on buzzwords and catch phrases. (link://

Long before the UPS guy with the white board we had this -- and it bored us to tears! (link://, Digg)

As if mimes weren't scary enough, someone had to go and create a terrifying mime flash intro! (link://, Digg)

There's nothing like combining a dead person's foot with this guy staring at his watch. What a way to sell records! (link://

An animated cat and some cute audio makes for a stellar flash intro. (link://

I'm not sure what town this is but their stop lights don't work. (link://

Here's a couple driving down the road. Then he stops the car, cleans the door handle and they take a sepia-toned photograph. Dude, get out of the road! (link://

Somehow a dude stripping from his business suit doesn't relieve my stress. (link://

If you need a database solution, you might want to hire someone that can spell it correctly. (link://

Let's make this world a tropical place? How about we cut the scary radio static audio first? (link://