We're just but a wee lad of site having launched only, what, billions of beats ago. As a result we aren't brimming with comments yet. So until that happens, we just read comments on other sites, like, say ... <head scratch> BestWeekEver ... and pretend they're ours. While doing that we found this gem -- a kick-ass example of a spam comment, or spamment. Musings:

  • Note Bill's use of the webbish ''lol!!!'' Rock on, Bill. The use of ''hey'' really sells it.
  • Using ''the'' before a site's name is a little awkward.
  • I'm trying to track down the insta-translator dude's using here. My mom would find that useful when speaking to customer support at Time Warner Cable. (''I did unplug and plug it back in. The TV? Oh, the blinky box. Wait, which one? There's three.'')
  • Bill obviously needs high-speed so click his name and make him 2 cents, will ya?

Best Week Ever