Allergy season's in full effect and you're too blinded by your own itchy red-eye symptoms too notice your poor dog suffering in hay fever hell. Yeah, dogs have allergies, too. They sneeze frequently and powerfully and need your Benadryl. Watch our collection of Mr. Sneezy videos if you doubt the extent of their snot, then pass your pooch a decongestant.

1. Scary Sneezy
  • Diagnosis: The dust mites in the carpet aren't the only culprits behind this pup's sneeze. Judging by his fangy convulsions, he's also allergic to the satan spawn possessing his body. Plus, the music droning in the background is the creepiest horror score ever. Total allergen.
  • 2nd Opinion: Totally cute.

Eye Tic Sneezy aka Booger
  • Diagnosis: The stuffed animal this pup keeps ramming with his head is obviously diseased (so allergic) and likely the cause of Booger's budding pink eye.
  • 2nd Opinion: Cute!

Might want to grab some more Kleenex. We got more sneezing puppies, ready to blow, coming up!