Welcome to the Urlesque show. Join us in our internet infatuation and passion for bad URL puns - in return we will delight your eyes each day with fresh glimpses of our obsession's infinite virtue. Like Mariah Carey times two. And, of course, Aunt Flo trackers. And farts!

...Are they gone yet?

So the rest of you get it. G'ahead and explore (don't miss the rest of our introductory Hello World series). But before you go, we wanted to leave you with our unofficial Urlesque anthem. It inspires the heck out of us and we trust that you, brave first readers, will rally 'round as well (no shame in using our lolcat refresher either). Take it away, Eben and Allison. We are but messengers of your awesome.

And that about says it all. Welcome!

<3, The Urlesque Team

YouTube via Memecat
link & photo:// rusty76 (annotated lyrics!)