The LiveJournal Community 'Oh No They Didn't' lives by a motto that most bloggers can relate to: The Celebrities are Disposable. The Content is Priceless.

But what about the members of 'ONTD' behind the content? Don't you just love their user icons? Some are funny, some are cute, and some are worth a million bucks. At least 20 are priceless...

LJ Username: Letmeupgradeu
This dog slightly reminds me of Donald Trump.
But better looking, of course.
LJ Username: PeachstockIt looks like Britney's going to attack you.
And her face solidifies her instability.
LJ Username: Grlfrinly
If you missed this gem of an Golden Girls episode, you really missed out. Makes me laugh every time.
LJ Username: PrettyShitty
Who doesn't love a dancing bright colors?
His face tells it all.