The Rick Roll refuses to die, defying estimates of the world's annoyance thresholds. The Internet class has been out in front of the meme, as usual, rounding up the recent Rick Roll revival. That post even called out the fake "basketball game" Rick Roll that duped the New York Times and many others (yeah, us included, but only because we really wanted to believe). This weird crossover into mainstream journalism seems like a logical place for the hardy meme to die, but we wouldn't bet against it. Instead, we'll plug Bitstrips, the cool online comic-creating tool behind the knowing panels above. Is there any medium this meme can't conquer?

link:// Bitstrips

UPDATE: On April 1st, Valleywag declared YouTube's brutal Rick Roll-redirect prank to be the meme's death. Only time and the daft geek quotient will tell. Don't worry though - it will always be OK to like this video.